Marketing for Newbies


It is easy to Earn Money with online marketing ... for Experts!

As a Newbies, stop wasting your money with try and fail.

Simply let our Marketing Experts take care of your Marketing Budget
and receive affiliate commissions on every sale.

It is like hiring your own Marketing Department.



Special Marketing Pool

The Special Marketing Pool (SMP) is Managed by our Marketing Experts.

You will receive up to US$90 in affiliate commissions per Marketing Unit after 90-180 days.

All Units in the SMP are protected by our Budget Back Guarantee.

Transer Units from the Personal Marketing Pool (PMP) to the SMP to partecipate.

Units cannot be moved from the SMP once booked.

Progress may be shared as available.


Steps to get SMP Units

If you are NOT registered
in any website of Perfect Internet Galaxy,
register for free on this link:


Buy Global Marketing Pool (GMP) Units


Transfer GMP Units to PMP Units


Transfer PMP Units to SMP Units


Commissions and Family Bonus

1 Marketing Unit costs $30

Commission $6 (20%) for each Marketing Unit
purchased by a member of your first generation.

Family Bonus $0.60 (2%) for each Marketing Unit
purchased by a member of the subsequent five generations.


Example of Earnings


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